Moleskine Haiku Submissions

Read all about the original Moleskine Love Haiku contest here on our blog. Then check out our announcement of the winner, and view ALL the haiku on our Facebook album. You can also read each haiku submitted below, and even submit your own in the comments just for fun!


Black ink, Moleskine page,

Dancing pen. Thought crystallized,

Figment to pigment.

Sandra S.


Life in my Moleskine

Blank page begging for my touch

Art in bloom

Kathy S.


Notes, names, times away.

Lost in my Moleskine

Always by my side

Julie P.


Things I won’t forget:

Pen, Moleskine, clean underwear

a writer’s journey

Lisa C.


My life was a mess.

Enter the Moleskine notebook…


Jack T.


Moleskine is holstered

Smoking from the written word

It is time to draw

David F.


Waiting for a bus

exploring a foreign land

Journal: Today I…

Rachel B.


I pull off the strap

Ideas pour out my head

Captured forever

James P B.


You’re the one, Moleskine

I love you and I need you

Be mine forever

Elizabeth T.


Moleskine Oh! Moleskine

Each season abound a new

Enchant my heart anew.

David H.


It’s love at first write,

Sharing life with a notebook-

Romance on paper

Thomas L. C.


Love do not be shrewd,

Write me a note, don’t be shy,

Pass me your Moleskine.

Christine K.


My Moleskine harbors

Infant books, aged wisdom, and

Hidden thoughts set free.

Jillian C.


No typewriter use

Just a moleskin and a pen:

Instant masterpiece.

Daniel M.


As foundations hold the house

So the pulping paper forms the cage

To hold the writers heart

Stuart M.


Blackberry? iPhone?

All I need is my Moleskine

planner and my pen.

Penny B.


My Dearest Moleskine

Datebooks, Journals, and Notepads

Be My Valentine.

Christy B.


Aah, paper in this

age of electronic words

Moleskine and my pen

Jennifer S.


Inked words, sketched splendor

Replenish your paper heart

My secrets are yours

Matt L.


Plain, ruled or with squares,

my Moleskine is always there.

Writing everywhere.

Joseph L.


Trusted companion

All my secrets lie within

Moleskine never tells

Mona M.


Moleskine: your

Tradition raises

Both paper and pen

Kirk B.


Moleskine paper pure

Paper smooth delights the pen

Effortless words flow
Pamela K.


Inseparable companion

Moleskine pages so white

Daily thoughts

Ryan S.


Two Moleskines my life

on your pages of squares in ink

your loss would be agony

Steve C.


No animal pelt

Sacrificed here for writers’

Inscripted lightning

Terri W.


The time suck to us

iCal so has Asperger’s

Just write on paper.

Jennifer K.


Skinny Mosquito

Unlovely Little Lovebug

Swollen Bloated Tick

Mande C.


“Stories, tales captured,

Of loves enduring moments.

And lists of honeydew.”

Mark B.


longing for my muse,

lives within the medium,

black and tan, in hand.

Rick C.


Soft lines on blank paper,

Love poured through ink,

A Moleskine valentine.

Jasiel F.


Keeper of my thoughts

Ever faithful by my side

Pages of my life

Janis W K.


My tablet flashes

immediate ideas

pen scratches on paper

Will P.


Write it down right now,

your Moleskine archive record,

Keep your thoughts forever!

Bob T.


Like wine, the lines are

Fine, the pages smooth and rich

A brilliant notebook

Kim A. O.


Alphabet unfettered

Within black or red legend

Moleskine companions

Laura E.


Wonderful Moleskine

Putting pencil to paper

Makes me scream with joy!

Akhila J.


My mole’s skin is red

Must write in it always

Stories of passion

Caroline C.


Fine pen and fine page

jotted note at any time

inspiration strikes

Michelle H.


Moleskine is my love

collector of my deep thoughts

and grocery list

Radar O.


Black Cahier Notebook

so simple and portable

home in my pocket

Kevin J.


I love these darn things

How do you pronounce the name

No matter they rock

James P B.


Moleskine in pocket

ready at a moment’s pull

capture world in ink

Thomas F.


my moleskine

I cannot live without you

where did you go now

Enrico C.


The feel, the texture

Imagination and thought

Mates soul to paper

Mark H.


The penny drops as

stillness settles. He unfurls

the Moleskine

E.C. F.


you help me explore

the world through imagination

eternal journey

Julia M.


“A white skine will turn

cascading ink flows

memories never fly”

Jason P.


Down these rainy streets

goes a narrow red notebook,

my secret sharer.

Martha B.


entries day-by-day

week-by-week and month-by-month

organized all-ways

Elissa D.


How do I write right

How do I write without a

Moleskine next to skin

Marcia B. D.


Moleskine trip journal

Life’s fun times to remember

Memories to keep

Recipes are mine

Saved forever in Moleskin

A family gift

Nancy S.


An hour before

I noticed her red notebook

On the black table-

Tomoyuki I.


Paper so supple

Ink absorbed effortlessly

Ack! Nothing to write

Tobin D.


Where dreams find their voice

Where seeds transform to blossoms

My Moleskine journals

Linda J.


Moleskine formats are

Special for each task you have

Easy to love and use

A. R.


My lovely Moleskine

I just can’t decide which one

Lined, Plain, Squared, Volant, Cahier

Ken M.


With one long flourish

I complete my masterpiece

Then shut the Moleskine.

Hafsa A.


I drew a mollusk

In my Moleskine note book,

Strangely peaceful, no?

John H.


Moleskine note books,

A world of wonder and life.

We strive for beauty!

John H.


Moleskine waits for me

ink, words… my dreams are absorbed

my soul is revealed

Christy C.


Dreams, musings, and notes-

Worlds from all generations

Live on in Moleskine.

Stephanie A.


Moleskine paper net

catching inspiration

words sparkle and swim within

Susan P.


A clean page unfurls

Open field, ideas at play

New born, loving life

Feza A.


My pocket-size love.

You capture my mind and heart.

Our nightly ritual.

Ms. Smart.


As I write swiftly

Little studies on its pages

Ever here Moleskine

E E.


A little black book

thoughts rescued from the abyss

of my foggy mind

Christopher L.


Inspiration strikes

At unexpected moments

Career Moleskine

Heidi R.


Moleskine Moleskine is,

enthusiasts who write, sketch,

paint, draw, and decorate pages



O Moleskine,

You contain all my secrets.

Elastic band keeps them safe.

Joy R.


Notebook conceals furled dreams

Nursed by aimless memories

Ideas blossom

Marissa J.


In between these sheets

handwritten appointments show

a life in Moleskine

Hawaiian D.


Blank cream white pages

Stare. Wait. Nod. Wait. Stare at me

until the words pour

Hilary C.


Creamy smooth paper

in variegated colors

oh, so beautiful

Ru-Ern C.


Memories jotted,

small gestures of love’s marvels

kept safe in Moleskine.

Jason D.


Soft to touch and hold,

Filled with etchings of the world,

Stories of one’s life.

John P.


In writing, like life,

Journey over destination.

Trips in Moleskine shine.

Danielle P.


Important wee notes

folded perfectly in hand

with a pocket too

Christina H.


Bound by Moleskine love,

potent dreams forever penned

Blissful surrender

Linda R.


Pretending I am not a writer •

Pretending I am •

My Moleskine and I •

Sondra B.


Moleskine ice dancing:

pen glides on creamy paper

looping gracefully

Ann R.


Moleskine, always there,

Holding my thoughts and secrets,

Like a discrete friend

Jacqueline P.


Treasures, trials, truth;

Black, sleek Moleskine by my side;

Holds thoughts forever.

Lorie M.


My Moleskine, I long

to, again, caress you with pen

but! You’re all filled up

Sydney K.


My heart longs for your

Trendy red cover to melt

Softly before me

My eyes seek to meet

Your horizontal glances

Under the new moon

My fingers pine to

Turn your sweet rounded pages

Tickling your stitched spine

My words find shelter

Tucked safely under cover

In your back pocket

My mind ponders your

Unruled possibilities

Bid me not adieu

Sue’s H.


Lure of the blank book

a new world is etched in ink

a page at a time



Writing with passion,

Moleskine and blue ink I use,

Expressing vast thoughts!

Kellie H.


Feathering, the ink

Cries a waterfall of tears

Moleskine journal full – NO!

Beth I.


Carries a notebook

full of his big ideas and

poems about me

Tea date, shoplifting

notebooks. He writes me

poems in them now

Danielle B.


Smart phone let me down.

Went on the fritz. Missed my date.

Moleskine never quits.

Jay R.


The way Moleskine feels

under my fingers and pen

soft, smooth, crisp, and clean

Erin L. S.


Pens soft caress

my little Moleskine

ideas bloom anew



My heart and my mind

they are in my back pocket

take me not my pants

Daniel Z.


Hated the feeling

lost it once, never again

here, always with me

Daniel Z.


Handwritten beauty

my eyes brush your creamy leaves

bind close my Self

Jennifer M.



A mood that fits here

1 Be silly; get serious

Can you imagine?

Dare to sing your song

2 Exclaim triumph, tragedy

Foster images

Guide the inner flow

3 Help it; put it in the book

It waits to be used.

Just a little bit

4 Knowing there is more to come

Leaving lasting marks

Moleskine time

5 Notebooks to inscribe, to use

Oh, how they grow full.

Paper, pencil, pen

6 Quietly become the means

Recording thought

Should you put it down?

7 The concept, or the notebook

Use your best judgment.

Validate your mind

8 Why deny the urge within?

Xcstacy awaits

Your chance has arrived

9 Zero in and start the quest.

* Here Ends Yet Begins.

m. janine h.


Life can be turned into whatever you imagine

You can be a singer or an actor

You have the desire to make something out of it

You have the implements to do anything with your life

But it depends on how you use that device

You can do demiurgic things with your life

You can make your life beneficial for yourself

You have high anticipations that you never thought you can grasp

Time is alternating

It never hinders

It’s not worth being known

Live for the moment

Life can be a masterpiece

Take a new look at life

And think about it

Is the life you are making the way you really want to make it?

Never stop living

Adiel C.


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