Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

13 Jan

1 –>  Daisy Yellow had a nice post about “Taking Stock” of 2011 with her post showing off every single journal, sketchbook, and scrap notebook pulled out. Check it out here. Also, Laurie over at Plannerisms did a Planner Tally, which we have to admit is impressive! Have you ever done something similar to taking stock of all your planners, notebooks, or journals? If we pulled out every finished and in-use notebook around the office here, it’d get pretty crowded around here!


2 –> Leigh Reyes has a couple interesting post this week: One with a nod to her art sensei, and another showcasing the Caran d’Ache Grafcube.


3 –> Colossal has become one of our new favorite art and design blogs. Check out this wonderful fictional landscape creation from Kyle Kirkpatrick we first saw on This is Colossal.


4 –> Matt  [A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook] had a great post outlining the World Book Night 2012 that’s coming up on 4/23/12. It’s an annual celebration “designed to spread a love of reading and books.” If you’re interested in participating, check out his post for the full list of books.


5 –> For all you ultralights out there (ultralight backpackers, we mean) we came across a neat Rite in the Rain Notebook Hack post by Stick. Which then led us to an even cooler Fisher Space Pen Refill Hack on Brian’s Backpacking Blog. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy type, these hacks are neat to check out to get a sense of the incredibly broad range of what people do with pens, paper, and notebooks.


6 –> Misty [The Pen Thief] found these adorable Animails, which look eerily similar to one she posted to Limner not too long ago actually. Read all about the flying pig here.


7 –>  From Dana [Save Snail Mail] we found out about LWA’s Mail Art contest to celebrate their 2,000th member! See Dana’s post on it here, and LWA’s deets about it here.


8 –> Margana [Inkophile] did a poll last month asking what your favorite ink brand was and not surprisingly Noodler’s came in first! It was pretty heavily weighted toward Noodler, but check out her post to see who came in #2-9.


9 –> And, of course, we have to do a call-out to Rhodia Drive’s Official 2012 Journal Swap. Long story short, Rhodia Drive will choose 12 people to each receive a large dotgrid webnotebook that the participants will then create art or write on a specified number of pages; then it’s on to another person for another set of pages. This repeats until the book is complete and it’s sent back to the original author. It sounds like a ton of fun so be sure to head over to their blog and sign up!


10 –> And we’ll leave you for the weekend with a lovely ink&paper video, as first seen on Felt & Wire’s blog.



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